Wasaga Beach Directional Street Guide J- N

Curious where a street is located in Wasaga Beach? Use this handy guide!

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Beachwood Road towards Collingwood, north at Concession 4, right at James Ave, left at William Avenue, left at Jack Street
JALNA COURT River Road East to Eastdale Drive, left at Sunward Drive,right at Birchwood Trail to Jalna 
JAMES AVENUE Beachwood Road towards Collingwood, north at 4th Concession, (Town Limit)across bridge to James  
JOANNE CRESCENT 45th Street South, west at Ramblewood, 5th on south John Avenue 
JOHN STREET River Road East, past marina, 3rd on left 
JUDITH COURT Hometown’ Klondike Park Road to Hometown Modular Home Park – Private Road 
KAWARTHA CRESCENT Theme Park Drive north into Wasaga Country Life Resort – off Madawaska Trail – Private Road 
KELLEY CRESCENT 45th Street South, east at Wasaga Sands Drive to Kelley 
KENNEDY LANE Mosley Street, Highway #26 towards Stayner, 1st on east side 
KENORA TRAIL Theme Park Drive north into Wasaga Country Life Resort – right on Madawaska Trail, left on Tamagami Trail, 4th on right – Private road 
KENTUCKY AVE Park Place’ Golf Course Road – runs off Pennsylvania Avenue 
KENWELL COURT River Road West to Blueberry Trail, right at Royal Beech Dr., 2nd on left 
KIRBY LANE River Road East, left off John Street - Private road 
KLONDIKE PARK ROAD River Road West to Powerline Road, runs off Powerline OR Golf Course Road to Klondike 
KNOX ROAD E/W Sunnidale Road South, runs east and west 
LAIDLAW STREET East off Beck Street, one street south of River Road East 
LAKESHORE ROAD Beachwood Road  towards Collingwood, 1st north west of 74th St. N. 
LAMONT CREEK DRIVE 45th Street south, east at Morgan Road, north at Lamont 
LANE 1 TO 7 Run off 23rd Street North 
LANGEVIN DRIVE Zoo Park or Ansley Rd. to Leo, to Langevin 
LAUDERDALE BLVD. River Road West, one street east of Powerline Road, south side 
LAURA AVENUE River Road East, south on Eastdale Drive, 1st right
LEE STREET 45th Street South, east at Queensdale, 2nd on south 
LEEWARD CIRCLE Hwy 26 west, north at Bluewater Gate, left at Waterview Road, 1st left 
LEO BLVD. Zoo Park Road to Leo OR Ansley Road to Leo, south of River Road West 
LEROY LANE West off 22nd St. N. 
LESLIE ANNE DRIVE River Road West, south at Ansley Road, 2nd on right 
LESLIE STREET River Road East, south at Maime Avenue, 2nd left Leslie Street 
LEWIS STREET River Road West, north at Access, east on Glenwood, north at Lewis OR (Town Hall) West at River Avenue Crescent, at Main Street bridge, 1st south 
LILAC STREET 48th Street South, left on Aster Drive, right on Lilac 
LILY DRIVE Runs east and west between 61st St. S. and 55th St. S. 
LINAMENT LANE 17th Street North, 2nd on east side 
LINDA LANE Runs between 28th & 40th Street North and 43rd to 45th Street North 
LINKS STREET River Road West to Golf Course Road, south on Links 
LISBON COURT River Road West, south on Smallman Drive, 6th on left 
LOGGERS GATE Stonebridge’ east off Stonebridge Blvd.; runs between Stonebridge Blvd. and Savannah Crescent south of Anglers Gate - Private road 
LONGDALE ROAD River Road West, south at Golf Course Road, first on right 
MADAWASKA TRAIL Theme Park Drive north into Wasaga Country Life Resort – Private road 
MAIN STREET Runs from Mosley over old bridge to River Road West 
MALTA AVENUE Park Place’ – Golf Course Road to The Boardwalk – Private road 
MAMIE AVENUE River Road East, 4th street on south side past a general store 
MANOR CRESCENT 45th Street South, west at Wildwood Dr., 3rd street on north side
MAPLE DRIVE Sunnidale Road South, west on Maple Drive 
MAPLE HILL COURT River Road East, east at Eastdale Drive, north at Cedarlane Drive, 3rd on right 
MAPLESIDE DRIVE Runs east and west between Robinson Road and Ramblewood 
MARIE STREET 45th Street South, west at Queensdale Avenue, 1st north 
MARILYN AVENUE N. Beachwood Road, towards Collingwood, north at Marilyn 
MARILYN AVENUE S. Beachwood Road towards Collingwood, south at Marilyn 
MARLWOOD AVE. Golf Course Road to Marlwood Avenue 
MARTYN DRIVE 45th Street South, east at Morgan Road, south at Wedgewood, 3rd on left 
MARVIN GARDENS ‘Park Place’ runs off Ryther Road; intersects New York Avenue - Private road  
MARY STREET River Road East, both north and south 
MASTERS LANE Golf Course Road to Marlwood Avenue, 1st right 
MATTHEW COURT Knox Road West, south at Red Oak Crescent, first on right 
MCCAGUE STREET Runs east and west between 26th and 35th Street North 
MEADOW LANE Runs east of Zoo Park Road S. and Wally Drive 
MEADOWLARK BLVD. Off Knox Road W. to 41st Street South 
MEADOWOOD DR. Princess Point Drive, south on Meadowood Dr. or Ryther Rd. to Middleport to its end where it intersects with Meadowood Drive 
MELROSE AVENUE Sunnidale Road South, 1st on right 
MIDDLEBROOK ROAD Beachwood Road towards Collingwood, right at Middlebrook Road 
MIDDLEPORT DR. Ryther Road, north/south on Middleport or runs off Princess Point Drive or Meadowood Drive. 
MORGAN ROAD 45th Street South, south of Wasaga Sands Drive, east side (Town Boundary)
MOSLEY STREET North side of the Nottawasaga River, runs from Main Street to Beachwood Road
MULLIGAN LANE Runs south off Fairway Crescent 
MURRAY DRIVE ‘Hometown’ Klondike Park Road to Hometown Modular Home Park 
MYRTLE LYNN PLACE River Road West, south at Blueberry Trail, right on Dyer, 2nd left 
NANCY STREET River Road West, north at Access Road, right at Glenwood, 2nd on right 
NEW YORK AVENUE Park Place’ off Ryther Road 
NIDA CRESCENT River Road East to Deerbrook Drive, first right on to Endrus, first left 
NIPAGON CIRCLE Theme Park Drive into Wasaga Country Life Resort – right on Madawaska Trail, left on Tamagami Trail to the very end, turn right – Private Road 
NORMAN AVENUE 23rd Street North, past 7th Lane on right 
NORTH CAROLINA AVENUE ‘Park Place’ Off New York Avenue 
NORTHGATE ROAD Parallel to River Road West between Westbury and Ansley Road. 
NORTHWOOD DRIVE Off Knox Road W. and Meadowlark Blvd. Nottawa Beach Road See Nottawa Road 
NOTTAWA ROAD Beachwood Road, north at Nottawa Road (near Town Boundary)